We partner with a number of Banks and FinTech companies to build a strong suite of services that is widely available. With the virtual account technology, our partners are able to offer clients a cheaper, simpler way to pay the burden of fraud and the associated costs is reduced as all payments are made from verified bank accounts. Reconciliations are easier as partners’ clients are now able to generate unique VNUBANS into which funds are segregated; this significantly reduces costs associated with account administration and reconciliations


Virtual Accounts are set for each Transaction, customers find it easier and more convenient to transfer funds to their accounts. Client management is easier as each transaction can be easily traced to customer.


Virtual Accounts are set for each transaction, payments for services are done seamlessly. With Direct Debit, customers can tokenize their bank accounts so that payments can happen seamlessly like cards.

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Make payments easier and faster with the best payment vehicle.

Simplify your payments process in a heartbeat. If you’re looking for a simple ‘plug and play’ solution to your payment challenges, or you need a custom integration to automate payments for a specific product/service, there’s something for you.


Woven Payment

One Payment Platform, Multiple Use-Cases. The Woven Solution has the capability to automate a myriad of industry-specific payment workflows.


A complete API function that allows our customers build payment experiences to suit each of their individual needs and tastes

Developers Access all the tools and resources you need to enable payments on your software using Woven technology.